“I adore the theater and I am a painter. I think the two are made for a marriage of love.
I will give all my soul to prove this once more.” ~ Marc Chagall

tatyana-wilds-small-2As a theatre designer and multimedia artist I am telling stories using multiple computer programs as well as visual art techniques. Trained and employed as an illustrator, visual artist and art educator I always dreamed to combine visual arts and performance media, incorporating motion graphics, animation and experimental film. My early childhood memories are about the theatre, its dimness and the excitement of awaiting the curtain’s rise. And then – a mystery begins. I fell in love with the image that is always moving and changing its shape during a performance. I believe that entertainment is sacred. It is a powerful social and spiritual tool.

My work is a combination of elements of Western and non-Western art and philosophy. I grew up in Kazakhstan and later lived and studied art in Krasnodar, Russia. In Russia I developed a solid foundation in various traditional art techniques. In the United States and the United Kingdom I learned digital and film media techniques and all aspects of performance design, including scenic, costume, and lighting design. Graduate work at the University of Kansas, USA provided me the freedom to develop new concepts for my designs.

Old towns are what I like to see, the charm and nostalgia of a historic home, classical literature, modern digital images and concepts, and International Pop Culture, all of these things I will process into the subject of my work. Digital media has become my best device for connecting with the audience.

I graduated with an MFA in Theatre Design from the University of Kansas (USA). I also hold an MA in Art Education from Kuban State University (Russia) and a BFA in Studio Arts from Washburn University (USA).

I will be happy to contribute to your success by working on your next endeavor with you.

Tatyana Wilds


“… the costumes and lighting for the dance concert looked great! It was all so clean and lovely and matched the movement!” – Laurel J. Carpenter, Associate Professor of Art, Alfred University

“I have rarely seen a play where the production was as integral part of the whole as the performance last night. The lighting, music, set, etc. were perfect – very impressive.  I liked the way the shooting scene was done – the red light hitting the lector had a very strong emotional impact. The acting was good!  The one who played Chester is an actor, no doubt.  I thought the girl playing the daughter who modeled Anna was fun to watch…  All in all it was a lovely evening at the theater (you need to pronounce that word as Sir John Gielgud would have…). Thanks so much!  I look forward to your next production.” – Bruce Rosenthal, Director of School of Business, Alfred University on Anna in the Tropics

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